Friday, January 28, 2011

The Many Sides of MK

So, I guess I am a little late with posting this, but HEY 2011!

Yeah, so the lateness thing... hasnt changed. I am busy as normal... like hardcore.

This semester I think is going to be my most strenuous one yet. Why? I am splitting myself 15 different ways. I feel like i am 5 people all rolled up into one! So i guess a really extreme Gollum...with purple eye shadow and pigtails.... Pretty scary right?

MK: Student Side

Im still in Aerospace Engineering. it's pretty rough. I am having trouble with some classes. And Differential Equations sometimes really scares me. It is like learning another language but from a forign teacher with a serious language barrier. Trying Physics 2 again since i dropped it last semester. I have a fairly better professor this go around and i have a lot of friends in my class that will help with late night study sessions. I'm taking a programming course called "Visual Basics". After working with programming languages like Matlab and FORTran.... visual Basics, atm, is a walk through the park. Granted it could be because im actually being taught the *right* way.. instead of getting a project and told to go, even if we have never used the program before.... (happens all the time) I had to, sadly, drop the Intro to Science Fiction class. I was really enjoying it, but there was just not enough time to read everything to do well in the class. Maybe some other time :/ My Calculus IV class is... interesting. My teacher honestly reminds me of the Doctor from Doctor Who. I sometimes just want him to drop his chalk take my hand and run out the door to his tardis. (it's freakishly unncanny...he really does) But the overall class seems okay. better than DE.

So the school schedule kind of sucks already with the amount of extra work i have to put into the courses.

MK: Rocket Side

Sigh, Rocket Team. I am apart of the rocket team on campus. I love my teammates and they are all super fun and intelligent. I do feel like i am not putting much into the rocket at the moment. not from the lack of wanting to try. We have been working hard on the small scale rocket to get it built so we can start testing. Today the new members have to give a presentation about the rocket to the aerospace department. Im pretty nervous, but then again... my slides really arent too terribly complex.

MK: SCA Side

I have recently been authorized as a heavy fighter in the SCA. Im pretty excited about that. Some of you might wonder "what does this actually mean?!?" well it means that i have all of my own armor and can fight at events. (the things i disappear to on the weekends and call "camping") I am so excited about being able to fight now. I really do love it. Yeah I am not very good at it but i just like the action and adrynalyn of it all. I also love to talk about it with my fellow fighters. I like hearing their stories and i love to learn from them.

There is sooo much information that i am trying to remember when I fight. I know that I'd do better if i would just fight and just let the things ive learned rest at the ready... but i think being an engineer... it's pretty difficult to do that.

I have Turf Wars next weekend. About 40+ fighters were there last year. Turf Wars is where two kingdoms bring their fighters and have a war... i kind of am viewing it as a bigger war practice (Getting ready for Gulf Wars! HELL YEAH) We had a small war practice two weekends ago and with like 8 fighters it was already crazy intense. I feel like im going to get worn out by just walking out of line and back than actually fighting, but there should be some pick up fights that should be fun.

MK: Friend Side

Now, okay, i know im going to sounds like i might be complaining about how many friends i have, but that isnt what im getting at.

My friend List:
-SCA crew
-Aerobuddies (Noal edition)
-Aerobuddies (Alex edition)
-Aerobuddies (Lana edition)
-Theta Tau friends
-Lunch table friends

Each one requires some of my time here and there. I love hanging out with each and everyone... but sometimes i feel like im neglecting some of my friendships because I do hang out with my SCA friends far more than anyone else... woops?!

MK: Gaming Side

Yeah... okay im not a gamer.. i think if you know me.. you know why. I get hardcore into my games... and well.. i just cant do them. But yes. I have started playing Dungeons and Dragons. I have always wanted to play and my sca friends invited me to join their campaign and so .. i did! it has been a lot of fun. I like my character and love the game in general.

MK: Cosplay/Makeup Side

I love makeup and costuming.

I have bee doing a lot of cosplay research recently for my 2011 cosplay. Grayscale Betty Boop and Scarlet Witch. Both of them are going to be very challenging. Can't wait to start on them though *squee*

MK: Work Side

Still the social media intern at the career center. I love the job.. wish i got more done.

MK: YouTube/Internet Side

Bottomline... im never on any more. i have 3 videos i want to do.. yet to even film one. and vlogtag.. i pretty much dont exist anymore. :/ sucks.

OKAY! So with all of the sides... im sure i missed one! you can see... im a busy lady.... I dont have time to really put into everything that i really enjoy and would like. School is of course a big priority.

i would say more but i have to look over slides for my presentation in an hour. but yeah. this semester... sucks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Awesome is only stilted by distance

So here I am, writing in this rather pathetic excuse of a blog. I have never been one to convey what I want through words. I suppose that is one reason i have taken to YouTube like I have.

Which brings me to why I am writing this now. YouTube.

YouTube has really provided a community of people that are so diverse and interesting. In this community I have found people that I consider some of the best friends I have ever had.

Many might scoff at this statement. I can't tell you how many time people have given me odd looks when I say that i have friends I met online.

I had a pretty lonely/down day yesterday. I went to sushi with two aerospace girlfriends of mine. We talked and caught up then I went home. It was in that short lunch that I just realized how shallow all of my friendships at college seem to be. How people I met online are more real to me than those I see almost everyday. This really is a hard thing to convey to people who haven't had the experiences like I have. The people i have met through Youtube know me. they love me. They accept me for all of my flaws. The relationships made online are given a bad wrap in my opinion. Many still have the mindset that every person you meet online is a rapest or a sex offender. People are layered differently than that. Of course there are creepers online, I have run into one or two myself, but honestly the so many amazing and interesting people I have met totally outweighs the creepers.

My Classy Ladies are a group of my youtube friends. The majority of the Classy Ladies are from Vlogtag. Most of them I have known almost three years. knowing people that long really does strengthen your bonds with people. So does the distance. I will stand by the statement "Awesome is only stilted by distance" because it's true.

Last year I went to the Northwest Youtube Gathering, where I got to meet a lot of my online friends IRL for the first time. I was so nervous about not clicking with them like i did online. That it would be awkward and just uncomfortable. It was so far from that. I wish I could truly say how amazing it was. Being with this group of people who i spent all nighters with. Who I cried with. Who were so very much apart of my life regardless of the distance. It truly was like coming home to your best friends.

Just two weeks ago, was VidCon. It was a second meetup for all of us. it was slightly different from the NWYTG. We knew we worked so very well together. It felt like i had literally just hung out with them a week before.

So last night was a pretty bad night for me. I just felt so lonely and hopeless because I couldnt call up the group of my best friends to go have a pizza with me. These people who i met through a screen. In a Virtual world. Have become more physical to me than those I have met in the physical world.

I know it all sounds probably crazy, but I thought about it a lot last night. I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends. I wish that they were always in my life, but the bottom line, they cant. That is something I keep trying to be okay with. I dont know if I ever will be. I will always wish that I could see them more, but I will always beable to have them in my life. That is how our friendship started anyway. Logging on and a single "bloop".

I miss you guys so very much. I am so happy to have you in my life, virtual or physical. I am so happy that our friendship goes beyond majors, grades, talents, etc, etc. I am surrounded by people who I do call friends but i know that the are all based off of gaining something or being something. It is so draining. I HATE IT. I am glad to know what true friendships are. And I am glad that you are apart of it.

So many hearts, hugs and love,
Mama Kate

*note* i do have really amazing friends i have met in the physical life (like ellen, jessie, kyle, george...) But it is a very small group. And the group that i have met in virtual life is far larger.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Adjective Is Apparently "Enchanting"

Okay so this past weekend was a big annual canoe trip that my sca friends do every memorial day weekend. I was lucky to be invited on this trip. Every little thing I get included with these people makes me happy because I always worry that I am annoying them. And when I get invited to things that are not SCA based, makes me fill more secure that my company is legitly enjoyed. It is very much an insecurity I have with all groups I hang out with. I have tried to get over this multiple times, but it is just something that I have grown to live with.

I had to leave the campsite a day early due to two of my best friends were moving back to PA. So, I needed to see them and hang out with them. I was disappointed I couldn't hang out longer with them, but the text I received that night was completely worth it.

I was hanging out with my two best friends and we were going out to have dinner and have one last hang out before they shipped out. I then see I received a text from Steve. (Steve is the knight that is kind of over my shire here in Starkville.)

The text read:
"We thought long and hard about it, and we finally have picked your adjective. You are 'enchanting'. Thanks for joining us this weekend."

i know. i know. Corny but completely made me smile. I don't think i have ever had that adjective tacked onto me. It was odd ... really odd. I will admit flattering as well, but I have never personally viewed myself this way, but I suppose I'm glad that is my adjective instead of like "loud", "obnoxious", or "annoying".

I really do love the SCA. It is a group where I don't feel like I have to hold back ever. I want to do a video about the SCA and what it has done for me, but we all know how I am... me? new video? never! haha

If any of you have a local Shire, you really should check it out. Some of the coolest people I have ever met, have come from that group. It's really great.


ps. Thinking about doing the month of videos for vidcon... mmm
pp. You should all plan on camping out with me next year at Gulf Wars. Even if you don't go look for your local shire... you should do gulf wars. it is amazing!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aero Building

It is always interesting to sit in the aerospace lounge all day. I didnt technically sit there all day, but it was a pretty long time. There is a definite influx of students throughout the day. If you walk in around 11pm the room is usually pretty packed. WIth people working on dynamics... or fluids... or vibrations... all sorts of things. Today I walked in to a room full of people crowded around on person's laptop. I squeezed in and saw that they were watching videos of the 75th Anniversary Eglin Air Show that some of the AIAA con guys stayed for on Sat. We all "oo'd and "ahh'd and talked about what we thought was awesome about that particular stunt. Then I started talking with one of the guys who went to the show. I really love to talk to interesting people... and let me tell you ... aerospace engineers are pretty much some of the most interesting people that i know.

Anyway, I really love the aerospace building. We share it with some Civils... but they stay on their second floor in their scary hallway. The room in which i have claimed as mine is a rather large room. there is a huge long business table in it that i have also claimed. And when i say "claimed" i mean i take up pretty much the entirety of that table. On weekends and late at night is just a really great time to go. It is so quiet, but not a library quiet. Library quiet drives me nuts! I can't stand it.

So yeah I am now going to start heading off to bed. I am going to look at some designs for a bosal wood glider because we are building one in aero class tomorrow. well we will be out at the airport hanger.. in case any of you are looking for me ;)

bah... sleepy and just want the world to go away... im in need of a nap.

8 Days until CATIA is due
13 Days until finals
3 days until physics test
7 days until calculus test

(The above picture is actually my beloved Aerospace building... lol Oh Walker!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guilt... and More Guilt

Spent 9 hours in the aerospace building today.

I still have not watched yesterday's Doctor Who episode. which upsets me but I know if i start to watch it right now i will feel guilty for not working on m catia project.... sighh catia... i really wish i knew what i was doing.

I want to play in my makeup... but again... id feel guilty....

i want to sleep for long hours... but i again ... id feel guilty....

Not going to the SCA event this weekend... i have to hardcore work on my catia project...

i am quite bummed.

I know this doesnt have any content in it... but im drained.. and just not in the mood...

10 Days until CATIA is due
15 Days until finals
4 days until physics test
5 days until calculus quiz
5 times i have cried this month over school
4 Times Labyrinth has been watched... would be more... but i dont have time... *guilt*

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to Reality....

I know i didnt post yesterday, but I was... well.. unavailable to say the least.

The AIAA conference is now over and i am currently tapping this tiny blog out in the dark on my bed and lying on my arm at an awkward angle. I keep thinking how it so felt like i was in a whole other world while at conference. Conference really reminded me why I love this major so much. it is frakking hard... it is. I wont even sugar coat it a bit... but i really do love it. Watching the presentations at the conference was so very interesting. The time and effort that does go into everything is just so admirable. I really wish i had grown a pair and tried out presenting as well. It would have been a really neat learning experience.

One of the guys in my group was the last presenter yesterday and so right after he got done we all lept to the beach. i have to say that i havent been to a beach in years. Im not really a beachy person. But i will say the weather was amazing. And the company was great as well. The water was rather freezing but it was well worth it. Yes. i did in fact get into the ocean.. but i was quickly reminded why the ocean scares the crap out of me when i was throwing a football something pinched my foot.. and i dont mean tiny pinch... i mean big mamma pinch! scared me to death. i quickly removed myself from the ocean. Moving as quickly as i could haha. One of the best sights in the world is a bunch of aerospace engineers at the beach. pretty much everyone was pale and pasty like myself. first time that i have been anywhere where i did not feel like the palest person there. again though. hilarious.

That night we all went to a hot tub just to hang out and get to chill. we had a lot of fun just chilling. I got to get to know some really cool people i hadn't had the chance to really talk to yet. Which was great.

The trip was so very much worth missing three days of class. I would do it again. I really would. I enjoyed myself so very much. I hope that i will keep in contact with the people i got to know over the trip.

And... BAM!!!!! REALITY!!!

i arrived back from the conference at 4:30... almost broke down in tears three times today ... why? because i would think about all i needed to do and i literally dont know how i am going to have the time to do it.... i really really dont.

I hope tomorrow.. i guess later on today.. the blog will be posted at a decent time.

11 Days until CATIA is due
16 Days until finals
I miss AIAA conference


Friday, April 9, 2010


Ah! i forgot to post!

Sorry was busy having an awesome time at the beach. BEDA.... i failed you hopefully not again!